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Arm Keil IDE Project Integration Guide

Step 1: Download the CMSIS pack

After model training is complete:

  • Navigate to the Models page

  • Click on the Save icon for the desired model

  • Click on the CMSIS Pack option to download

Step 2: Installation

After the user has downloaded the CMSIS Pack:

  • Double-click on the downloaded .pack file to install the model in the IDE

  • Open the CMSIS Run Time Environment

  • If the installed Qeexo CMSIS Pack does not show on the list under Machine Learning -> Qeexo, in the bottom left of the CMSIS Run Time Environment window, click on the Select Packs button

    • It should display a list of currently installed CMSIS Pack(s) and which ones are excluded and included

  • Find the Qeexo CMSIS Pack that you installed, set the selection to Latest or Fixed (ensure that it is NOT set to Excluded), and close that window

  • Open the CMSIS Run Time Environment window, you should see the Qeexo Model CMSIS Pack that you just included, it is now included and ready for use in the project


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